Paper Trees

Saturday, November 24, 2007

I have become addicted to making these paper trees. Last year for Christmas I made a bunch of those glitter ornaments. You can see them here. But this year it is these paper trees. This is another tutorial on Splitcoast. I have been to Hobby Lobby twice now to get the materials to make them. I will use these as gifts for Christmas. I am so proud of the way they turned out.

Here is the forest of all the ones I have made so far:

This is the first one I made. It is actually my favorite. I still have to find some moss to go around the bottom of the tree to cover up the the styrofoam.

This one is very similar to the first.

I decided not to put a pot on the bottom of this one.

Then I found these mini cones. So I thought I would make some mini paper trees. I made this blue colored one with a snowflake topper. The tutorial says you cut the strips of paper 1x4 inches so I did that for this one as well as the previous ones. I thought it looked a little odd so for the next one I cut the strips 3/4 x 3 inches. That worked much better. I put the red and green one on a flower pot but I still have to find something to cover the bottom. I made a snowflake topper for the other one using some chipboard I painted white.

Pennant Banner

Friday, November 23, 2007

My favorite stamping site that I visit pretty much daily for ideas is Splitcoaststampers (it is linked on the right hand side). They are having a two week holiday tutorial blitz. One of the tutorials is a pennant banner. Here is my attempt at making one. It turned out pretty cute if I do say so myself.

I will definitely be making more of these for gifts this Christmas.

Free Card

I went to Archiver's last weekend just to browse and they had a free make and take card. The woman helping me was not very helpful. She wanted to do it for me. I really wanted to tell her I could do it myself, I am a seasoned stamper. Nevertheless, here it is:

My scrapbook personality

Thursday, November 22, 2007

I am paper. Kinda boring but I think it means pretty designer paper!

What scrapbooking item are you?

You are PAPER!You are an all natural basic person who likes to act as a foundation to others. You are willing to take a backseat in most of your relationships and let others take the spotlight, while you show your support and help them shine! Underneath it all, you are the one who makes it all happen. You are the focus and stability in any group, even if you are not the leader. Others look to you to set the pace and provide ideas for ways to get things done. But Paper Beware - sometimes you get a little edgy with the people who look to you for support and can give them some papercut remarks that can hurt their feelings. Remember to watch what you say, because you are best when leading by example.
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