My AHA moment

Thursday, July 17, 2008

I was reading a blog yesterday and had the biggest AHA moment. I have always wondered how people make these great scrapbook pages with the perfect size pictures. I want Photoshop Elements for my computer but have not purchased it yet and I figured people must have been loading their pictures and printing them smaller (and I don't print my own pictures). Then I saw this post on Paper Jewels and it hit me like a ton of bricks. Now I cannot download that Shutterfly program because I have a Mac (after all the cute commercials you would think more people would get on board with making programs that work for both PC and Macs, but that is another post entirely). But I do use Shutterfly to upload and print my pictures. I recently discovered this program on my computer called Comic Life. It is supposed to be used to make Comics (and educational ones at that) but I use it to make cute little picture layouts. I can create these layouts and upload them as a jpeg to Shutterfly and then cut them up to have the perfect sized photo. I have been wanting to make some coaster sized scrapbooks but did not have pictures that were small enough to work. DUH, I can print them smaller.

Anyone have any AHA scrapbook moments you would like to share?

Here is a sample layout I made a while ago with the Comic Life program:

Homemade box

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

I saw this tutorial when I was blurfing (that would be blog surfing) the other day. I wanted to try and make one. I think it turned out okay. It is not as straight as I would like and I am not sure why but it still works. It could hold different things but I made this one for recipes. I am giving it to my friend Courtney tonight. She was the July Bunco hostess but I left her gift at home. I also added a binder clip and a post-it keychain with it.

Here is the inside view of the box from the top:

And here is the whole set:

Dumb black letters

Friday, July 11, 2008

It has been a while since I have posted a new page or card but honestly it has been a while since I created a page or card or anything for that matter. But I have completed 3 pages in the last 2 days. Well 2 of them are not actually complete but I am going to show them to you anyway. My title on this page is not finished because apparently I like these black letters a little too much. I have 3 sheets of them and I have no a's, t's, r's or e's. I will have to buy some more when Amy (aka CM consultant of mine) gets back from vacation. Then I can call it officially complete. You will just have to pretend.

I made this 2-page layout for Kyle's book of our venture at the Bartlett Celebration. I tried to make a hot air balloon and it didn't turn out so well but it kinda works. I also looked everywhere for hot air balloon stickers or embellishments of some sort. I will end up with 3 2-page layouts for this event (for 3 different scrapbooks) but I have no hot air balloon stuff. I did think this checkered paper was perfect for it though.

Left side close up:

Right side close up: