Get rid of it already

Saturday, July 4, 2009

I have mounds and mounds of scrapbook magazines. I love to look through them. I have subscriptions to Creating Keepsakes and Scrapbooks etc. I am upset that Simple Scrapbooks is no loner in publication, I loved that one. I recently went to a "garage sale" at my LSS and bought a stack of old Simple Scrapbooks and Memory Makers. I don't really like Memory Makers (they were in the stack with the SS) so I immediately tore I the few pages I liked and put those to the side. I then decided that these magazines are taking over my space but could never bring myself to tear them up. Well I finally did. I have spent the last few nights tearing out the ideas that I like. I haven't gotten to the Creating Keepsakes yet, those are next. Now I just have to figure out what to do with the ideas I tore out and how to organize them.

The right stack is what I am keeping, the left stack is what I am getting rid of. Plus I added three more magazines to the pile after I took this picture!


The Hanlons said...

good for you! I need to do that...perhaps tomorrow when I have my own ALL DAY scrapbooking event! No kids and all my other projects are done - so it's my day to scrapbook! Although, my goal is 8 pages...cause volleyball starts on Wednesday...can't get behind!

Kelley said...

That's awesome! Use a 3 hole punch and keep them in a binder.

Holly Aytes said...

I did that to mine too as they were taking up too much room. I put mine in a 3 ring can punch holes in them or I placed mine in page protectors (we had tons of them in a box, I am guessing from when we were in college). I need to organize them in the binder but not certain how to yet.