Blog Candy Finally

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

I had promised some blog candy in honor of my 100th post about a month ago. Well I never got around to posting it. So here it is. We'll say this is in honor of my 110th post instead. There is some additional ribbon and a circle journaling clear stamp to go with it that is not pictured. So here is a picture of the goods. Just leave a comment on this post and tell me what draws you to a blog, in other words what makes you like them and visit again. I am leaving in about 5 minutes to go to St. Louis until late Friday so I will pick a random number on Saturday morning.


Christi said...

Congrats on all your posts!! Hope you have a great trip! :)

Bunny B said...

Congrats on your 110th post! :P
I love crafty blogs that showcase awesome and inspirational creations!! And a little blog candy never hurt anyone :)
Thanks for the chance!

bunnybox9 at gmail . com

cpullum said...

Nice Blog Candy! projects and creations draw me to your blog!

Chrissy said...

Congrats! You have a wonderful blog. I like a blog that I can go to when I'm stumped for an idea that I can go to and get my creative ideas flowing, not necessarily casing their project but seeing their card/page and getting my own idea. Does that make sense? Enjoy your trip.

Abbie Johnson said...

to see what you have time to do that i don't at the moment :)