Peppermint patties

Tuesday, December 18, 2007

I have wanted to make some of these peppermint patty things I saw a while ago on Sharon Roger's blog so when I ordered this scallop punch I got a package of peppermint patties even before my punch arrived so that I would be ready to go. Kaitlyn needed some stocking stuffers to take to her class so I got some Christmas pencils but also made these for her to take. These are simple with just one stamp in Glorious Green and then layered on a scallop made with the scallop punch. It takes two and kinda makes a peppermint sandwich. But they were cute and easy enough that I made 18 in less than 30 minutes.


Lee said...

I saw those too but then forgot about them........they're adorable and what a great quickie gift!!

~Michelle~ said...

aren't these fun to make?! so cute!