Scallop ornaments

Saturday, December 8, 2007

I got this new scallop punch the other day and I love it. I cannot believe I waited so long so get it. I have punched so many scallops out. I made these simple paper ornaments. I punched 6 scallops out, folded them in half, and adhered them together. I think they will also make the cutest little package toppers.

And here are some close up pictures of them individually.


Lee said...

I know how it is.....I borrowed my friend's scalloped punch and didn't want to give it back!!! LOL Very creative idea!!

LadyDoc said...

LOVE these ornaments!

I MUST know- what kind of scallop punch is it you got?

JenniferL. said...

It is the Stampin' Up scallop punch.